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A remake of the well known Space Impact!

With different types of Space Shapes! (space ships pun)

  • Triangles - high firing rate, medium health, medium speed
  • Squares - low firing rate, high health, low speed
  • Circles - low firing rate, low health, high speed
  • Diamonds - medium firing rate, medium health, medium speed

And different types of Powerups!

  • Life - more lives, more love <3
  • Upgrades - either increase firing rate, or more GUNS!
  • Skills - either sloooow zone, or force shield :)

{tab} view options and pause

{h} view help <3

{esc} quit

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If you have comments/suggestions regarding my game, contact me here!

Programming & Art: Jefferson Jadulco

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More information

Published1 year ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Unity
AuthorKJ Crab Games
TagsArcade, chiptune, Endless, Minimalist, Shooter, Space
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Make sure to extract all the files first before running the game :)))


SpaceShapes-1.0-windows.zip (10 MB)